Sometimes, we are hungry, we know we want something, but we don’t know what we want. So we dither in the cupboards, umming and ahhing, irritiating others with our huffs and puffs. Somehow under the illusion that when we open the cupboard for the 18th time, something will have magically appeared, or inspiration will sucker punch us.

It is often said at these times, that you are simply thirsty. So ideally, get a glass of water down you and see if that tides you over.

During pregnancy, I was told that the things you craved were the things you and the baby needed for the nutrients that you were lacking. It was in fact, perfectly natural for the ‘crave levels’ to be quite extreme. Given there were 2 or more of you wanting those nutrients now, causing more deficiencies and more need.

Recently, I was having a chat with Manchild 2, about nutrition and satiety. He seems focussed on calorie intake right now, and whilst I agree its a good marker, the ‘make-up’ of those calories is also important. Using the information on the white and brown bread we had at home, I showed him how they were very much on a par calorie wise, but wholemeal bread was more filling because of the fibre content. We talked about how less of its carbohydrates converted to sugar, making it a wiser choice for anyone that is more backed up than my hairdressers waiting list, or anyone wanting to shift  bit of timber.

As with anything, I tend to rather over explain these things to my Son, which I am sure is an irritant. However, I have noticed that he makes judgements based on far more than calories now, and makes wiser choices. Parenting means providing your child with tools for life. This is one of them.

So, I finally get to my point. Today, my Hay fever is horrendous. I am craving soup. Its frigging boiling out there, i don’t want to stand over a stove, but I want Ghostbusters Soup- Recipe Here

So i flicks over to my Ghostbuster Soup recipe I posted a few weeks ago. And that was also a high hay fever day. My little brain starts to crunch information. IS there something in that soup, that my body is craving, because of hay fever?

Is that even possible?

So, I made the soup, and whilst it cooled a little,  I looked into the ingredients and their properties for the first time. I am pretty impressed with my internal Doctor!

This soup contains,

Peas– A great source of Beta Carotine. Our bodies convert this into Vitamin A. Vitamin A soothes the mucous membranes preventing irritation and boosts the immune system.

Coconut Milk– A well researched Anti Inflammatory, with lots of Medium Chain Tryglycerides and a dairy free alternative. ( Dairy is believed to cause more mucus production)

Mint– Soothes congestion and blocked sinus.

Hot Liquid– Helps with decongestion. Encouraging the nose or eyes to ‘run’ more flushes out any pollen there.

So, not only do I get to eat this fit soup. It may actually be medicinal!

So perhaps, when we crave something, we should try to understand that the body is telling us what it needs. It is possible, that we get those signals,and interpret them into a meal that we ‘know’, and not always a healthy option!  Maybe we should be thinking on a deeper level, working out what the meal we crave contains nutritionally, and then finding something to eat that contains that.

And maybe, when we are doing the fridge and cupboard hunt, and the huffing and puffing, we simply have not learned to tune in to what our body is telling us. But- cravings and grazing urges may be an entirely different thing.

For me personally, I am now intrigued by this, and given that a curious mind must pursue some answers, I have contacted a local Integrative Health Specialist. We will be coming back to you with something more substantial than my brain shooting off on mad tangents. Plus, they have letters after their name, which I don’t, so that makes them far more qualified than me.

Have i just imagined the whole thing? Or could it be time to listen to the internal Doctor? Wine and Cheese? Yes. I will have 2 prescriptions please.

Do any of you get any strange cravings?