Kate Garraway, still, amongst others, waiting for a loved one to return from hospital. I have followed that horrible journey, hoping for the best for her and everyone else in the same position.
However, I cannot help but notice, that suddenly, the gutter press do not comment on what she is wearing, her hair, her makeup, her figure, who her previous sexual partners were or how sexy she looks…it’s almost as though…I dunno…..perhaps they KNOW it isn’t appropriate or relevant…Never was in the first place.
There is a part of me that feels i shouldn’t say this, that i should not use someone’s plight to make a very valid point, but that just goes to show how many of us are taught that we should keep our mouths shut, because it really is not becoming.
While there are still so many, that perceive our worth to be based on sexual attractiveness or availability, I despair for the future generations. I despair for my clever and witty Nieces, who despite being brought up in a home that values characteristics over appearance, will grow up in a vacuous World.
Fingers crossed Kate’s Husband comes home safe and well. Fingers crossed she isn’t judged entirely on her appearance when he does.
Big loves to her. Big loves to all of them