I chose not to stage a pretty picture for this book review. I chose to show you how it is, in its true state.

Raw and a little unpolished in places, I fell in love with its simple message and the unapologetic delivery of some things we may not be ready to hear, let alone accept. There are no airs and graces, no desire to preach and no ulterior motive.

Written in 2015, it’s Author, lacked the confidence and money to pursue this self publishing dream. It is not easy to go against the grain in life, particularly  when you may be ridiculed . Judith assures us that she did not write this book. It was dictated to her, by what some would refer to as ‘Spirits’ or ‘Angels’. Rather than bring you messages from beyond the grave, this book debunks many fast held beliefs including many religious ones. For it is given as a message about what we really are doing here on Earth.

If you believe this will be ‘airy fairy’ and something that tells you something comforting- you will be wrong.  There are parts harder to swallow than a cactus, particularly when it questioning the readers actions and thought processes. Whilst holding them accountable in some way for where they are now.

This book does not hold your hand while you cross the road. It does not stand in the middle with a lollipop stick checking it is safe for you. It tells you the way it is and leaves you to DO something (hopefully) about it. You can be closed minded and cynical about many things in life, but I promise you that you will take something from this book.

This book will not tell you how to speak to dead people, predict the future or look for ‘signs’. It will shake you up and bollock you. It is penned to make you question your existence and that of everything around, whilst also providing information that can enrich us, if we get past the bullshit and focus on the real objectives.

It advises that the World we know is a million miles away from what was intended, and how greed and materialism, politics and hate  will kill us all eventually if we do not turn the tide. However, it is not a doom and gloom novel. It is not casting us into damnation, merely asking us to re-asses our presence here and the mark we leave on both the Earth and minds of those who come into contact with us. It is greater than a nudge but just short of a push. It demands to be noticed. It commands you to listen, and to remove the blinkers.

This is a book about destiny and the fulfilment of a path pre-arranged for us. Deviation from the path will bring us knowledge, experience, pain and joy, but the end result will be the same.  Our purpose here should be fulfilled, and you will be told what happens when it isn’t.

From the physical manifestation of mental pain, and fear and bitterness stunting our spiritual growth, if we deny or dismiss what is pre ordained we will be shown over and over until we finally and humbly learn.

It tells us why we have inexplicable bonds with some people, and how we sometimes ‘just know’ things, even when we are told it is ludicrous. It challenges us to accept that we are far more than a body, and that we have a lot to learn in terms of what actually happens to our ‘Soul’ when we ‘die’ on Earth.

There are many things within its pages that are even more relevant in today’s shitstorm. Natural disasters, plagues, greedy politicians and media control.  It doesn’t make it any easier in parts to carry on reading, but something urges you on, willing you to finish, because it really is a revelation and an eye opener.

If you have ever questioned why you are here, and what your purpose is, then read something a little different from the mainstream. If a belief system that has been drilled into you, has never resonated, read this book.

Humble, beautiful, wrenching and enlightening. Its teachings will not leave you as they found you. And that is entirely its purpose. Click here to view- The True Meaning of Life- Judith Hindle