Act Quickly

Act Quickly


If a loved one wanted to apply for their licence to learn this year then you may have noticed that the DVLA suspended applications for Provisional Licences.  Covid 19 meant that they reduced to only essential services. Only critical workers could apply for their licence to learn.

After trying for several weeks I finally managed to get Manchild 2’s licence applied for yesterday. However, you must bear in mind that if the DVLA become overwhelmed again at any point, this is one of the first services they will drop. I really wanted to be able to give my Son his Provisional and a block booking of lessons for his 17th Birthday, so if you want to do this for someone as gift it is probably wise to apply while you can.

The live link DVLA Apply for Provisional Licence

It costs £34. You can apply for your licence from 15 years and 9 months old, as you are able to learn to ride a scooter from 16.

I have spoken to our preferred choice of instructor and he believes they will be up and running again at the end of July. You cannot book a lesson until you have a provisional. Some instructors have waiting lists. Our plan now is for Manchild 2 to study for his theory test in the meantime, which, while he is off college, is great to occupy him. Theory tests must be passed before the practical examination can be taken.

Theory tests are still currently suspended,but things are changing rapidly. If you are classed as a critical worker you can still apply to sit your theory test. For everyone else, if you have your provisional you can be ready to book a theory test as soon as possible once they re-open to everyone.

If you purchase any educational resources make sure they are up to date. We got the following for Manchild 2: Click the pink writing to view.

Traffic Signs Book

Theory Test Handbook

Learner Plates

There are also some online mock tests you can take for hazard perception, so we will be using those.

Remember that you cannot take a member of your household out for driving lessons yourself unless they have a provisional licence, are correctly insured, and your car is sporting an L Plate.

Learning to drive opens far more opportunities to you, so please do not feel that you have missed the boat if you are no longer the fresh faced 17 year old. A good instructor will put you at ease.

Happy Learning.