Dance In Your Mouth Soup

Dance In Your Mouth Soup

Pimp your beans!

This is a tomato soup recipe based on a Syn free one i tried many years ago, when I was still concerned with the size of my ass. As in every kitchen, things get tweaked, until you reach your ureka recipe!

This version has a little dance in your mouth, not a waltz and not a stomp. A happy jig.

Sweet and sour combine for a refreshing zingy but warming soup.

You need  ( serves 4 generous bowls)

Stick blender/jug blender or processor

1 tsp garlic paste or a clove.

2 tins of tomatoes ( chopped or plum- your choice)

Tin of baked beans

Tin of carrots

2 tbsp Lime Pickle

1 tsp sugar

Salt + pepper to taste


Blend EVERYTHING bar the salt and pepper. Put it in a pan on a medium heat, keep stirring until it reaches a rolling boil, turn down to low and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Taste- add salt and pepper to your preference. Serve. Nothing fancy about the recipe or my presentation, but I have always maintained….it is not about that!

Ta da!