I am a writer, I always have been.


Ihave never attempted to have anything published, nor submitted anything for approval to a ‘professional’, but my heart knows. My head knows that writing is my purpose.
Lockdown has taken away the excuses. It has stuck 2 fingers up at me and said: “Bring it on chicken shit”. And finally, I popped my head out from Fort Excuse, and roared, ( very quietly) “Come on then”, and thus, the little flame of courage was ignited.

Picking a ‘niche’ was such a headache. I am passionate about so many things, yet every source of advice was telling me I had to choose something. That I should not be a jack of all trades and the master of none. Choose, pick, decide.

This was the source of a lot of angst for me. Ultimately, I have decided that no, no I will not choose. I will simply embrace all of it, and whatever comes out the strongest will be victorious.

Originally, I wanted to create a space for us to descend into madness together, but a glance at the notes I constantly scribble on paper, or inside books, tells me that this can be much more than that. If you have ever been unlucky enough to watch a documentary with me, you will have despaired at the sound of my pen, scratching on paper, as something ‘clicks’ in my thought process.


So here you will find recipes with a focus on the simple, frugal, and what we can actually get our hands on in these strange times.

You will get to know small businesses, ( and showcase your own) and ignite a love for shopping locally.

Community projects will introduce themselves and inspire us to be more community-minded.

We will celebrate the places that we CAN get to right now, and the people that made them, whilst looking forward to the places we will be going to in the future.

There will be the amusing ramblings of a middle-aged, quite hormonal, and often unhinged maniac. Tempered with serious issues approached with tact, thought, and steel. Each facet of me shall get it’s time to shine ( or flunk).

I would love your support and interaction, so you are welcome to comment on my blogs. Alternatively, you can just leave me flailing around in a sea of blogging, with no idea if this is working, but that would be a bit rubbish.

And finally yes, we will descend into madness, but there really is no better time than now. It is the best excuse we have ever had to be

Skint, Hungry, and Daft.

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